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Be A Giver not A Taker

When I was a kid, my Dad told me something which I couldn’t understand clearly as kid. It took me years to realize how true he was. I used to watch my Dad, who was always surrounded by people who were always needy and look for money. Some time I used to feel that they were taking the advantage of my Dad’s simplicity. One day I couldn’t control my emotions and asked this question to my Dad. Why do you throw your money away to these people? How come they always need help? He stared at me for a second, laughed out loud and said this is unexpected for me. In that culture most of the time couldn’t ask questions to our elder in that tone. Then after a pause he said son listen me carefully. There are only two ways to live in this world, either you are a giver or you are a taker. He showed me with his hand positions.

God is the greatest giver in this universe, who never takes. If you are giver, that is the God’s nature. Automatically you become his agent in this world, because he needs people to pass on his blessings. If you are God’s agent, he will bless you with lot more than you need for yourself to give away.